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You’ll have fourteen days to get familiar with our remote desktop environment via access to a demo dedicated cloud server. Your demo server will be pre-loaded with a sandbox-version of your selected product so you can test how your software will perform in the cloud. Please remember not to upload any personal files to your demo server as it’s just that -a demo- so your work will not be saved.

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Quickbooks, Sage, Act!, SAP

Benefits of Cloud Hosting with Summit

When you host your managed applications in the cloud with us, you’ll experience the freedom to customize your dedicated cloud server according to your individual business needs in addition to…

Total Remote Accessibility

Work from anywhere using any device, day or night using a secure cloud server

Complete Customer Support

Nightly backups (retained for 15 days) and 24/7 tech support – weekends and holidays included

Top Level Security

Constant data security monitoring in our US and Canadian data centers, 256-bit encryption and virus protection plus an option to add 2-factor authentication

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Please note: since you’ll only have fourteen-day access to a sandbox version of either QuickBooks or Sage, do not upload any personal files as you test-drive our cloud hosting services as they won’t be saved.