Fishbowl Hosting

Fishbowl Inventory Hosting in the Cloud Fishbowl Inventory works with QuickBooks to provide superior inventory management, control, and manufacturing capabilities to wholesalers, manufactures, distributors and retailers.

Fishbowl Inventory Hosting in the Cloud

Fishbowl Hosting works with QuickBooks to provide superior inventory management, control, and manufacturing capabilities to wholesalers, manufactures, distributors and retailers.

Fishbowl Features

  • Compatible with most operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Android
  • Citrix Hosting (not Remote Desktop/Terminal Services) world class infrastructure and reliability
  • Complete access anywhere anytime with easy remote access via our Citrix QuickBooks Cloud
  • Save time and money – lower expenses from unnecessary commuting, and new hardware
  • Data is securely stored on our servers – no need to worry about lost or stolen laptops or servers
  • 8+ years of experience in security and reliability
  • We operate month-to-month with competitive prices
  • 2 level authentication process, 128 bit encryption, and timeouts ensure top notch data security
  • Multi-user access for simultaneous access from different locations
  • We manage disaster recovery and backup your data nightly so you don’t have to worry
  • Expand or Contract your business in as little as 24 hours
  • Free 24/7 U.S. based technical support – 365 days of the year


BAR CODING An extremely useful tool for running a warehouse or store, Fishbowl includes bar coding which allows you to use bar code scanners to track inventory. This helps save a lot of time and money and the accuracy of this system will help save even more. To move inventory, you simply scan the old location tag and then the new one.
INVENTORY SEARCH IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS If you have multiple warehouses or storefronts, you need to make sure your employees sell from the correct place. With Fishbowl Inventory, you can control the locations employees can access. If your warehouse or store is divided into multiple sections, isles or shelves, Fishbowl can automatically generate a matrix of locations for you and you can view each location and its inventory or search for where certain inventory is located.
ORDER MANAGEMENT Fishbowl gives you the tools you need to know where your inventory is at all times and comes with hundreds of reports and a custom-report builder. With Fishbowl Inventory, you can create auto-recorder points and even create company-wide or location-specific recorder points.
PART DETAIL TRACKING With Fishbowl Inventory, you can choose the tracking method that works best for you, whether it is by using bar codes, lot numbers, expiration dates, or more. With Fishbowl Inventory, you can view the current status or other useful detail about any part or product that is located anywhere. Fishbowl Inventory also distinguishes and monitors the most-used parts, notifying you so there is never a shortage of the most popular parts.
SHOPPING CART INTEGRATION Fishbowl Inventory is compatible with many shopping cart solutions which allows you to manage both your ecommerce website and inventory. This helps your business avoid any sold out products or backorders due to sales of products you don’t have.
CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS Now you can create a favorites list and have easy access to specific complete reports. You can also rename reports, create your own report folders, and even add or remove columns in some reports.
CYCLE COUNTING IN FISHBOWL MOBILE WAREHOUSE With this new feature, you can check your on-hand inventory using a wireless handheld device. This allows you to quickly find products and ship them to customers as soon as their order comes in.
NEW LOOK AND FEEL With larger and redesigned icons and a cleaner user interface, Fishbowl now feels like the QuickBooks you are already used to. Thank to the improvements, Fishbowl is even faster than before and Fishbowl Hosting more convenient.
…AND MUCH MORE Fishbowl Inventory includes many more features such as a sales order module, variable pricing, ability to manage vendor relationships, an easy way to quickly print shipping labels and tracking numbers through UPS or FedEx and much, much more.

Why choose Summit Hosting for Fishbowl hosting?

You can streamline inventory management using QuickBooks Hosting and Fishbowl Hosting with Summit Hosting.  Summit Hosting maintains software updates and provides round the clock IT support, so you can focus on your business. Fishbowl Hosting with Summit Hosting allows you to:

  • Stay connected

With Summit Hosting , you can access your Fishbowl Inventory data from anywhere you have internet connection. No matter where you are when you receive a customer’s order, you can log onto Fishbowl.

  • Not worry about updates

As the number one requested inventory solution for QuickBooks continues its growth with new features, it will continue its updates. With Summit Hosting Fishbowl Hosting, you never have to worry about these software updates; we take care of that for you. You will always have access to the most up-to-date edition.

  • QuickBooks Hosting and Fishbowl Inventory Together

As the leading QuickBooks hosting provider, Summit Hosting is the also the best Fishbowl Hosting provider.

  • Be safe and secure

With our highly secure data centers and high-tech protection system, you can rest assured that your data is safe and free from viruses or hackers. Your information will be backed up daily in multiple locations, within the US, so you know it is always saved and always accessible. In case of an emergency or disaster, your data will be safe with us.

  • Simplify IT requirements

With Summit Hosting, you do not have to worry about investing in building an IT team. Summit Hosting provides 24/7 IT support for hosted applications. This frees up time and money that can be spent on expanding your business.

For Fishbowl application and integration support please contact Lance Brandow at Brandow Consulting. Lance has helped hundreds of Fishbowl users over the past 8 years in all things Fishbowl. As a previous Fishbowl employee, his insider knowledge of Fishbowl cannot be matched. To contact Lance, call 844-839-4949.fishbowl-hosting