Introducing Extended Back Up Options

Add a Year or More of Server Backup Retention

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Backing Up Your Data

Every Summit Hosting server comes with many great benefits including a 15-day repository of full server backups. This keeps your data safe should anything be mistakenly deleted, corrupted, or if you need to revert to an older file version. For many businesses, 15 days may not be enough, so we are introducing solutions to better suit your needs.


Why would I need more than 15 days?

To Restore All of Your Files

Rather than backing up only business critical files, our new solutions keep a copy of your entire server, as far back as a year or more. This means that no matter what you need to restore, we have you covered.

In Case of Primary Data Failure

Secure backups can protect you against accidental deletion of data, hardware or software failure, data corruption, or a malicious attack. If you don't realize right away that something is wrong, having backups from last week, last month, or even last year will prevent you from losing important information.

To Keep Your Entire Archive Secure

The main reason for a data backup is to have access to all of your important information over time. Fifteen days worth of backups may not be enough for your business, which is why we now have offerings outside of what comes standard with your server hosting costs.

1+ Years worth of backups!

Summit Hosting’s new extended backup options allow you to add a year or more of server backup retention. The more time you add to your backup plan, the more value and peace of mind you receive. Pricing varies based on the size of backup space required and the length of server retention requested.