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Unearth Drake Tax Software Solutions

The IRS is on a mission to crack down on taxes. The federal tax office has CPAs and businesses scrambling to ensure the accuracy and security of tax preparations or returns. Don’t get lost in the shuffle this upcoming tax season. Hosting Drake Tax software with Summit Hosting has everything you need to ensure your taxes are accurate, secure, and stored with the utmost care.

Filing Made Easy

Take advantage of security features like e-sign, an optional signature pad that reduces wasted time and paper while securing tax returns. Approve and consent to returns and bank documents with dedicated pin and consent screens. Plus, you can file digitally with a secure and simple e-file platform!

Time-Saving Automations

Reduce needless keystrokes with automatic data entry on tax forms. Reduce errors in information like zipcodes and EINs. Data flows automatically from federal to city and state returns, saving valuable time. Don’t forget to use the wide selection of shortcut keys and macros to automate more processes and increase the Drake software functionality.

Document Management

Drake tax software has a digital cloud-based document manager that allows users to store and access forms, documents, or returns for any tax year. Create password-protected PDFs for secure client communication and attach stored PDFs during e-filing. Drake Documents works with Drake Portals, making integration with Drake Tax seamless.

Secure Backup Capabilities

Backups and updates happen automatically, keeping client data secure. Implement custom backup settings for any and all tax information and restore it to any computer you’d like. Take security a step further with Summit Hosting’s dedicated servers that improve both speed and security because you don’t share resources with another organization.

Tax Planner Tool

Use Drake Tax planning tools to prevent surprises. Quickly evaluate how a change in circumstances impacts your taxes. Compare tax returns year over year or filing status with easy-to-use reports. Use the Quick Estimator tool to see what tax refunds will look like or create amortization schedules to tackle outstanding debt, all with the Drake Tax planner tool.

Trust Summit Hosting with Your Tax Software Needs

Drake software, like Drake Accounting and Drake Tax, enjoys the ease of use that comes from a cloud-based hosting platform like Summit Hosting. From small businesses and s-corps to large enterprises, Summit Hosting provides hosting services that help keep bookkeeping up-to-date. The 24/7 customer support, affordable pricing, and nightly server backups make Summit Hosting the only practical option for your workflow tech stacks. 

When using Summit Hosting for your Drake software hosting needs, you’ll experience several other notable benefits, like:

  • Reduced costs – Remove unnecessary and unproductive IT tools from your office and replace them with expert technical support techs. Plus, enjoy access to technical support when you need it, not on a fixed schedule! 
  • Increased flexibility – Don’t stay tied down to a single device. The cloud-based hosting nature allows you to access Drake software from any computer, even while on a work-cation! 
  • Easy upgrades – Upgrade, update, or purchase additional licenses directly through Summit Hosting. The integration with your hosting platform cuts down the number of steps to boost your tech stack! 
  • No hidden fees – Total transparency. Enough said. Request a quote today to see your totally transparent cost!

Make your job easier by utilizing the host of tools at your disposal with Summit Hosting. Your Drake Tax software has never been more powerful, and you can rest easy knowing you have one of the most secure hosting platforms on your side!

Seamlessly Integrate Drake Tax Software with Summit Hosting

Summit Hosting relies on a team of experts to ensure your Drake Tax software integrates seamlessly. Implementation involves industry-leading technology and techniques to deliver a hosting experience unlike anywhere else. 

Don’t stop enjoying your Drake software just because you’re organization is growing. The invaluable tools Drake Tax offers, from easy e-filing to the rock-solid backup capabilities, combined with Summit Hosting’s cloud hosting service, means you can work from anywhere, and you can trust your tax accuracy.

Professional tax software often costs a considerable chunk of accounting budget money, especially if your business needs several hundred tax filings a year. Drake Tax software provides a solution to overpriced tax apps. With the features of Drake Tax and the easy-to-use hosting platform, Summit Hosting, your tax preparation just got that much easier. 

Be ready for tax season by hosting your Drake Tax software on Summit Hosting’s dedicated servers. Request or design a custom quote today!

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