Data Center Services

Process, store, manage, and distribute data

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Data Center Services

If you found this webpage, thank a data center. That’s where this webpage lives. Our Tier III facility provides everything you would expect to process, store, manage, and distribute data.


What are the three things that make a successful business? Location, location, location. Of course, in our case, it’s not the geographic location but rather the physical attributes of our location. We’re in a Tier III facility, SOC II/Type II, HiTrust, High Availability—we’ve got redundancies on our redundancies. The sole function of this facility is to ensure that your virtual location, whether it’s a webpage or a fully managed cloud solution, has the infrastructure to support the explosive growth of your business! We have locations in Denver and Cleveland with micro-pop services located worldwide.


Ever get frustrated at a slow loading website? That’s not because the website sucks; it’s because it's infrastructure does! If you’ve got a killer website or mobile app, you want serious internet traffic. How do you get the benefits of amazing infrastructure without the sky-high costs of building it? Co-location, that’s how! Share the facility, lower your costs.

Cloud Hosting

As a webpage, I’m supposed to tell you everything about everything, but I’m only going to show it to you if you ask and I’m available. But what if ten million people want to buy something from me at once? Can I handle it? What if that type of demand only happens every once-in-a-while? We would have to scale up availability on demand. On-demand is the secret sauce of cloud hosting—it allows us to spin up virtual machines, use loads of storage but only for a short while, build something then tear it down, and repeat any or all of these actions again and again and again! Cloud hosting is all about the on-demand availability of computer resources, such as storage and compute, without human involvement. We’re the best at it.


Cloud Hosting Services

Infrastructure As a Service

IaaS. We do the infrastructure, you rent it from us. You’re always up to date. I make it less expensive because I buy in bulk. Cool, huh?

edge compute
Edge Compute

Bringing high-speed computation and data storage closer to you. We get the resources close to you—as close as possible. Closer is fast. Fast saves resources. More resources means better response. Better response means your business does better.

bare metal dedicated
Bare Metal Dedicated

Your server at our facilities, managed by us, but completely in your control. Bare metal servers offer dedicated physical hardware similar to a single client without a virtualization layer in the middle, creating faster and more streamlined web hosting. These physical servers can also be optimized according to the needs of a single-tenant environment.

block storage
Block Storage

Amazingly reliable storage solutions that work like magic.

object storage
Object Storage

Feeling unstructured? Here is a storage solution you can relate to. Objects are useful software programs, applications, or anything that needs computing. And, they’ve gotta be stored somewhere! Enter Object Storage.


Let's connect over our decades of experience in connectivity. When technical folks think of connectivity, they often think about the size of the pipes coming in. How you use those pipes is what really matters—cross connects, direct connects, multiple redundancy dedicated circuits. What’s great about doing business with us is that we bring decades of experience in connectivity. Complex deployments are what we live for! We often know precisely where to save you money and how to get the greatest bang for your buck.

build your own server
Build Your Own Server

You are unique. We work with you to design a server that perfectly matches your business needs. We specialize in custom server configurations. We offer affordable self-managed Linux and Windows servers, which feature quality SuperMicro hardware and are located on our premium network. All self-managed servers include: ping, plug, and power, 24×7 technical support, dedicated IPMI/KVM over IP/remote reboot, 1Gbps external network port, 20TB monthly data transfer limit, 100% uptime network and power SLAs.