Crystal Reports

Design and deliver reports that visualize your data using charts, graphs, and video files

Why Crystal Reports?

SAP Crystal Reports software is considered to be the world standard for report writing; It allows you to design complex, professional, and interactive reports more easily than ever before, and it allows you to connect those reports to almost any data source in existence. Crystal Reports enables your users to drill down on charts and sort information based on their specific needs, allowing better operational and strategic decisions to be made—and ultimately making your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Crystal Reports software offers a variety of benefits, including:

Interactive report viewing

Crystal Reports allows you to explore the information contained in any given report interactively—sorting, filtering, and reformatting as you go according to your needs—without having to re-query your database, which means that you need fewer reports to answer more of your business questions.

Time-saving design features

With the many features available in Crystal Reports—including global formula search, duplicate formula, duplicate running total, auto-complete field names, and the “find in field explorer” feature—it takes less time to get more useful data into your reports.

Stunning visuals

Crystal Reports offers an impressive array of data presentation options through Flash, including dynamic charts, graphics, and video. This Flash integration makes it easy to create compelling and informative reports, and to share them through embedding and Web linking.

Easy exporting

With the XML exporting feature offered by Crystal Reports, you can export your files in almost any format; the XSLT transformations embedded in your report file do the recoding work for you, making it quick and easy to integrate your data into other applications.

Improved readability

Crystal Reports’ pagination options make it easy to customize page size and page breaks, and to include both portrait- and landscape-oriented pages in a single report. This flexibility makes your reports easy for you—and even more importantly, your end users—to read.

Language support

Crystal Reports supports English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Korean—and it’s even tailored to sort, group, and format your report according to the customs and conventions of the language pack you’ve selected to use.

. . . and more

Crystal Reports also offers parameter panels, built in barcode support, easy hyperlinking, an integrated driver, and more, allowing you to develop better reports—and spend less time doing it.

Why choose Summit Hosting for Crystal Reports hosting?

Even without Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting, Crystal Reports is a great way for businesses—large or small—to save time and money on creating professional, high-end reports; but with Summit Hosting hosting your software for you, the power and flexibility of Crystal Reports increases even further.

Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting allows your business to:

Save time

The universality of access that Summit Hosting’s hosting offers allows you to bring the centralized data sourcing features of Crystal Reports to an even higher level: with Crystal Reports hosted, the reports you generate will be available to an unlimited number of users—you’ll be able to access your files from any computer that has internet capabilities without having to install the software on your own desktop, streamlining your business’s collaborative efforts.

Save money

Summit Hosting hosting reduces overhead costs for your business by eliminating your need for an in-house IT structure. Our clients receive 24×7 IT support for our hosted applications, including Crystal Reports, as well as automatic program updates and software maintenance—all at one monthly fee, with no hidden expenses.

Save worry

If you’ve lost files due to system crashes or backup failures before, you know how crucial data security is. Summit Hosting knows how important it is, too—that’s why we back up your data in not just one but multiple locations each day. We also employ world-class security measures at our data centers to ensure that your files are protected from viruses and hackers, day and night.