Business automation for IT Solution Providers, incluing Time & Billing, Service Desk, Project Management, CRM, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Inventory and RMA tracking

Why ConnectWise?


ConnectWise integration is built to completely integrate with the most important external applications, quoting tools and widely used accounting packages (i.e. QuickBooks, QuoteWerks, etc.). And with the ConnectWise MSP platform add-on, all preferred managed and smooth workflow. ConnectWise integration modules include:

Microsoft Exchange

Calendar, contact and e-mail functionality enable you to better manage schedules, client information and overall communications.

Managed Service Tools

Centralize, manage and report the essential information provided by your MSP tools.

Quoting Tools

Better manage prospects from initial quote through the complete client lifecycle.

Accounting Packages

Fully realize the efficiencies of harnessing your back-office accounting operations with front-office sales and services engines.

ConnectWise Network

Expand your geographic reach and extend your skill set quickly, conveniently and confidently.

All Internal Modules

All modules were written from the ground up to ensure seamless integration with each other ensuring that information flows throughout the system efficiently.


ConnectWise is a comprehensive business automation tool designed with one objective in mind – helping you get more revenue. The ConnectWise automation solution then helps reduce expenses so you keep a greater percentage of what you earn.

ConnectWise significantly improves your company’s profitability and market position by enabling you to:

  • Better identify and pursue the best leads
  • Successfully convert opportunities into winning deals
  • Effectively manage and deliver promised services
  • Accurately track and forecast revenue, invoices and billing

ConnectWise satisfaction is important to every business. With ConnectWise, your customers are well apprised of everything you do to serve them. Offering features such as the executive summary and the client portal, ConnectWise keeps your customers in the loop, in touch and happy.


Time is money . . . so if you know where your dollars are being spent, shouldn’t you know how our employees are using their time as well? ConnectWise gives your organization the operational transparency to manage and analyze profitability and resource utilization across multiple offices and business areas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

ConnectWise has a comprehensive training curriculum targeted at the various individuals within your organization.

ConnectWise is committed to providing you all the tools and resources necessary to successfully implement the ConnectWise solution for optimal performance.

In fact, if you do not see satisfactory results within 120 days, ConnectWise will refund your money.