Efficient commissions processing software. Process and track your commissions quickly and accurately for an unlimited number of payees.

Why CommTrack?

CommTrack works with QuickBooks to process sales commissions quickly for an unlimited number of payees. It comes with online training and an entire year’s support. Features of CommTrack include:

  • A gross profit table of amounts or percentages
  • Ability to customize commission rates and amounts
  • Sending Rep payments through QuickBooks
  • Assurance that an invoice will never be paid twice
  • Commissions splitting
  • Organization of commissions payments by date paid instead of date invoiced
  • Derivation of costs from bills (as long as the invoice number and the bill’s reference number are the same)
  • and much, much more

Why choose Summit Hosting for CommTrack hosting?

CommTrack is a great solution for processing your sales commissions. With a program processing and keeping track of your commissions, you can be certain that everything is done correctly and on time. With Summit Hosting hosting CommTrack for you, your business will reap the following benefits:


With Summit Hosting, you are guaranteed that your data is automatically backed up in multiple locations and stored safely every day. The security of your information will never be in question.


Having Summit Hosting host CommTrack for you eliminates your need for IT services—saving you the money of building an IT infrastructure yourself—and reduces your software-related costs to one affordable monthly fee.


With Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting platform, you can access your business from anywhere that has an internet connection. Wherever you are, at whatever time, all you have to do is log on to use CommTrack and any other applications you’ve chosen to have hosted. You can also add on other users with ease, creating a multi-user network.

Automatic updates

Online hosting with Summit Hosting means that any updates or new versions will be taken care of automatically when they become available. With Summit Hosting as your hosting provider, all you have to worry about is running your business.