QuickBooks & Sage Hosting Solutions for Non-Profits

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for Non-Profits

Successful non-profits and charitable organizations have three things in common: They commit to a clear-cut mission; they are transparent about operational and financial activities; and they remain flexible to the changing needs of the public. Effective non-profits also invest in persuasive, compelling marketing and advertising strategies that broaden recognition of their name and mission.

While some non-profits strive to accumulate positive publicity for their cause, they may neglect one thing that could put their name in the public eye for the wrong reason: financial irregularities that may indicate possible embezzlement or fraud. Watchdog groups that monitor the complex accounts of non-profits and charities are trained to detect financial transgressions and contribution numbers that don’t add up.

Quickbooks And Sage Hosting Solutions For Non-Profits

Benefits of QuickBooks and Sage Hosting for Non-Profits and Charities

QuickBooks accounting software and Sage accounting software prevent thousands of global non-profit organizations from falling victim to unethical actors within their companies or accounting errors that diminish their reputation. Leading the global accounting software industry in use, sales, and recommendations, QuickBooks and Sage perform error-free, automated accounting updates that ensure discrepancies are discovered before they have a chance to damage a non-profit’s integrity. Reports and statements are regularly generated or produced upon request to keep oversight expenditures at a minimum.

Another benefit of using QuickBooks for nonprofits is the fact that it’s cloud-hosted, meaning all information entered into QuickBooks software is stored online in a secure server. QuickBooks cloud hosting and Sage cloud hosting offer key advantages over on-premise storage of sensitive accounting data, such as scalability, multiple points of access by authorized users, and automated functions controlled by mobile apps, portals, and APIs.

Non-profit administrators who depend on QuickBooks to streamline accounting tasks laud the ability of this software to provide critical up-to-date data. Financial metrics synchronize with software elements to give you the latest information on fundraising events and contribution amounts as they come in.

Additionally, accounting software for nonprofits like QuickBooks ensures you receive accurate numbers for tax-reporting purposes. Because QuickBooks accounting software automatically updates when updates become available, nonprofit organizations do not have to worry about adhering to compliance guidelines established by state and federal governments.

Cloud Hosting Security for Non-Profits

Cloud hosting is the safest method for storing sensitive data critical to the reputation of any charitable organization. Information secured on cloud-hosted QuickBooks and Sage programs is protected from natural disasters (such as fires and floods that could damage or destroy on-site computer systems), cyberattacks, and unauthorized intrusions.

Cloud hosts constantly monitor servers for even the smallest sign of possible issues. Moreover, when information is sent to the cloud, it is immediately encrypted to prevent hackers from gaining access to the data. Encryption involves scrambling information sent using QuickBooks cloud hosting or Sage cloud hosting into cipher (unreadable) text. When authorized recipients access this data, the cipher text is automatically translated back into readable text. Unlocking encrypted messages requires both the recipient and sender utilize an encryption key to scramble and decipher text.

Summit’s dedicated servers provide even more security in the cloud. Your data is stored on it’s own server, to enhance both security and speed.

QuickBooks Products for Non-Profits and Charities

QuickBooks Pro

- Comes with a 60-day guarantee, but requires upfront payment
- Maintains accounting information on hard drives only
- No cloud hosting services
- Extra fee for updates

QuickBooks Premier

- Comes with a 60-day guarantee, but requires upfront payment
- Maintains accounting information on hard drives only
- No cloud hosting services
- Extra fee for updates

QuickBooks Online

- Comes with a 30-day free trial period followed by a monthly subscription fee if continued
- Unlimited customer support
- Remote access availability
- Online backup services
- Free updates
- Automatically downloads, categorizes, and secures credit card/bank transactions with cloud hosting

QuickBooks for desktop computers is designed for individual and small businesses that deal primarily with a steady customer base. For example, a local plumbing or HVAC company with a few employees and a small customer base would benefit from using QuickBooks for the desktop.

Non-profits and charities that invest in QuickBooks Online are investing in software that’s overwhelmingly the industry preference. With robust cloud hosting security measures in place, QuickBooks Online for nonprofits can also:

  • Streamline tracking of program expenses while separately classifying account expenses to promote transparency
  • Automate tracking of donations received from individual donors, fundraisers and other similar events. QuickBooks also offers a specific function to sync donations with fundraising platforms
  • Integrate easily with other software used by non-profits by allowing seamless passage of information from one program to another
  • Reduce overhead expenditures by relying on the cloud to decentralize nonprofit operations (volunteers can work remotely, for example)

Sage Products for Non-Profits and Charities

Sage Business Cloud

- Provides instant views of your entire workforce
- Automates critical tasks across non-profit organization to facilitate processes at all levels
- Offers local and global compliance with established nonprofit operational guidelines
- Improves workforce productivity with an intuitive interface

Sage Enterprise Management/X3

- Recommended for larger non-profits with more than 200 employees
- Recommended for CFOs and CIOs
- Offers private or public cloud platforms

Although private cloud platforms cost more than public cloud platforms, private cloud hosting provides the strongest security measures for non-profits concerned about maintaining transparency, accuracy, and reputation. Which Sage product a non-profit chooses predominantly depends on its size, budget, and the amount of donations received annually. If you would like assistance choosing, contact Summit Hosting to consult with a professional over your options.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for Non-Profits and Charities

Summit Hosting can also integrate a variety of QuickBooks and Sage accounting software applications that you need to run your business effectively. The software is intuitive and easy to use. Here are some of the most common apps include:

QuickBook Apps for Non-Profits

  • Billpay for QuickBooks Online: pay bills within QuickBooks software to improve visibility and management of your accounts
  • Receipt Bank: sync information from bills and receipts instantly
  • Tsheets Time Tracking: payroll and invoice
  • Float: allows users to view future account balances using intuitive forecasting analytics
  • Expensify: manages expenses and keeps track of receipts
  • Fathom: provides on-demand performance reports

Sage Apps for Non-Profits

The Sage Mobile App allows you to access business information in real-time on smartphones and tablets. It also monitors and manages overdue or unpaid invoices to help nonprofits keep better track of budgetary concerns. Critical organizational data is available by viewing the dashboard of the Sage Mobile App.

Accounting Software for Non-Profits from Summit Hosting

A leading provider of Sage and QuickBooks cloud-based hosting in the U.S. and Canada, Summit Hosting’s managed services can significantly improve the overall performance, integrity, and transparency of non-profits and charitable organizations. Call today to speak to a Summit Hosting representative to learn more about the many advantages of using Sage accounting software and QuickBooks for non-profits to improve operational aspects of running a charitable organization.