QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Education

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for Education

The education system in this country is evolving, in part, because tech options like cloud hosting offer learners a better way to stay connected, especially for colleges and universities that offer accounting classes. Cloud hosting is turning the world into one big classroom, giving learners access to secure and expanded cloud hosting solutions for education plus Sage accounting and QuickBooks accounting software. It is also making schools more efficient as they manage the different facets of education.

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Benefits of Sage or QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for Education

The concept of teaching financial education in schools is finally starting to become commonplace, even in the early grades. Understanding how finance works could be the key to buying their first home, maintaining a good credit score, owning a business, and saving for retirement. Today, students have access to tools that make understanding how finances fit into their lives even easier, including QuickBooks cloud hosting for education.

QuickBooks cloud hosting for education allows teachers, students, and faculty to access the software in a secure and shared space easily. They have entry to licensed copies in the Intuit QuickBooks program from remoted desktops, meaning they can work on projects in the classroom, library, or home.

The data and files created in QuickBooks and Sage are accessible by any authenticated user no matter where they are and without having to install the program on their computers. The hosting service provides the best of both worlds.

Benefits of QuickBooks and Sage Hosting for Students

  • A chance to master an accounting program that is an intricate part of more than five million businesses worldwide
  • The ability to store data safely in the cloud and access it from any computer
  • They know their data is secure and don’t have to worry about losing their hard work.
  • They develop a better understanding of financial and accounting concepts.
  • They have hands-on experience managing budgets, financial records, and more using QuickBooks and Sage

Benefits of QuickBooks and Sage Hosting for Professors

  • Multiple desktop users accounts
  • Scalable user platform
  • Remote user access for student working at home
  • Affordable pricing to help teachers stay on budget
  • Access student’s work from anywhere: from home, school, or even the local coffee shop. QuickBooks or Sage cloud hosting for education enables teachers to provide information to all their students from one platform.

The Benefits of QuickBooks and Sage Hosting for Schools

  • Accounting departments can save time with a comprehensive cloud-based accounting software program.
  • Reduce costs because maintaining a network is expensive when you consider new software purchases, paying for increased and secure storage.
  • Disasters happen more and more these days. Schools need to have comprehensive disaster plans that include data protection and recovery. Sage or QuickBooks hosting provides everything they need to keep student and staff information safe.
  • A powerful toolbox that comes complete with payroll accounts payable management accounts receivable maintenance, plus budgeting and expense reports.
  • A chance to build relationships with the community, donors, vendors, and parents.

Cloud Hosting Security for Education

School systems are a regulated environment, so security is a constant concern, especially when working in the cloud. The “cloud” refers to remote storage on third-party servers. For educators, that means trusting private student information with someone unseen instead of having it on a hard drive, which is limiting.

Cloud hosting opens up the storage space and keeps data secure using security measures such as data encryption and attack prevention tactics like network segmentation. With network segmentation, the network looks live several to a would-be cyber thief. That makes it harder to infiltrate and easier to isolate potential attacks. It also protects data from unexpected foes like natural disasters or fires.

Proper cloud security protects data, assets, and infrastructure from a potential attack. Typically, the education sector will blend software-based cloud services with both their private and public delivery systems.

Cloud hosting security provides:

  • Safeguarding of sensitive data
  • Privacy for data files
  • Adherence to strict compliance guidelines

Cloud security is the key to enabling remote workspaces for students, educators, and faculty that are protected against attacks and data loss.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for Education

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro might be the right option for tutoring students of all ages, from elementary school to adult, on the basics of finances, including simple day-to-day tasks. Education QuickBooks hosting at this level is a practical choice for exercises involving running a small business.

QuickBooks Premier

With QuickBooks Premier, there is an unlimited number of cloud users, meaning it would be suitable for any school size from small to university level. It provides access to both basic and professional level processes such as tracking expenses and running payroll. QuickBooks Premier would work well for the bookkeeping of a school, too, that needs to track tuition or other finances.

QuickBooks Accountant

QuickBooks Accountant offers advanced-level features for accounting students learning to do the books for multiple businesses. It would best serve a community college or university.

Sage 50

Sage 50 can offer access to day-to-day financial tasks that can help adults in continuing education environments better understand how small businesses work. The platform allows for the tracking of income and expenses, inventory, and bills.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for Education

The combination of secure cloud hosting and QuickBooks and Sage accounting software empowers students, teachers, and schools with features and options that help them thrive. To learn more about how Summit Hosting can support education, contact us today. Summit Hosting can integrate different QuickBooks and Sage accounting software applications for schools, including:


CharityMaster is designed to help maximize revenue. It helps with volunteer management and event planning. It can handle ticket sales for school functions or productions and has custom filters that allow you to create reports, do mass mailings and email blasts, and create lists of contacts for staff.


Fishbowl is for inventory management, something necessary for almost every department in schools of all sizes. It could keep tallies of sports equipment, textbooks, and office supplies. Fishbowl not only tracks the numbers but also provides locations for school districts with multiple facilities.


As the name suggests, Bill com is an application that helps simplify paying the bills. Since accounts payable is something any sector deals with, Bills.com is a practical choice for most industries. The app provides secure ACH payments and automates the accounts payable for easy management.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is something you’ll find in classrooms, libraries, and administration offices all over the country. It provides applications for word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows, and publishing. It has applications for students writing papers, teachers managing grades or creating lessons, and even the drama club looking to print their next playbill. It is a suite of applications used in schools of every size and academic level.