QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Construction

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for Construction

Summit Hosting is one of the largest managed cloud solutions providers in the U.S. and Canada. With robust offerings for businesses in the construction industry, our team of dedicated professionals can help you move your business to the cloud with ease.

In the construction industry, moving to the cloud is an expected step, one that creates new opportunities for connection and communication, but also enables growth potential. Our team can help you make the transition seamless, ensuring your company is able to work anytime, anywhere, and with the very best reliability and security available.

Quickbooks &Amp; Sage Cloud Hosting For Construction

Benefits of Sage or QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for the Construction Industry

Making the decision to move towards cloud hosting is one that offers countless benefits. Our team can ensure that your transition to Sage hosting or hosted QuickBooks completed in a streamlined, efficient manner that reduces risk and minimizes the learning curve. Why choose this hosting for your construction business? There are plenty of reasons.

It Saves You Money

Cloud hosting can often reduce your costs overall. It promotes a lean IT infrastructure, minimizing risk for your operation and maximizing opportunity. You do not have to invest in memory, storage, or servers any longer. You also save money (and stress!) by no longer worrying about the installation of an IT system. In your business, cost savings makes sense. Hiring someone to manage your IT needs as you grow doesn’t always work well.

Even better, there are no costly software upgrades to worry about; we take care of those. You can focus on paying a single price – and one that is probably more affordable than what you’re paying right now.

Make Remote Access a Reality

Another key advantage that cloud hosting from Summit Hosting offers is remote access support. As you are in the field, working with customers and moving from one meeting to the next, you need reliable access. That’s something QuickBooks cloud hosting offers. Access your plans, documents, and contracts anywhere, while being confident that security is in place.

For construction projects with collaboration needs, you can also minimize the risk of concerns. Authorized users can access the cloud using their device, editing and making changes on the go, moving your projects forward faster.

Manage Billing and Payroll Efficiently

With Sage cloud hosting, you can manage many of the needs of your business in an effortless manner, including billing and payroll. You’ll no longer need to head into the office to complete payroll. With several options available to you, including Sage accounting software and QuickBooks construction accounting software, you can find the right fit for the size and scope of your operations.

Communicate Reliably

For many businesses, communication across teams – from subcontractors to clients – is one of the most complex components of the construction industry’s operation. With cloud hosting solutions, you can manage clients, subcontractors, partners, and anyone else with ease. To make things even better, you can create a record of conversations. You never have to remember every detail. You can even link file sharing in, which means it’s easy to send invoices, forms, client reports, and even permits.

Find Support, At Any Time

We do everything we can to ensure you are ready to go when it comes to operations. That means providing you with 24/7 support. Let our team resolve your big problems quickly so that your business meeting is never on the line. That type of efficiency can make all of the difference during a crucial moment.

Grow with Ease

One of the nice features about using our dedicated server cloud hosting solutions for construction is that we offer as-you-need-it flexibility. That means you can see better performance without limitations on your bandwidth – you’ll never share resources with anyone else. This can significantly improve your performance and ensure you never have to worry about being unable to connect – that costs your business time and money. As your company grows, you can add more resources to it. You can integrate more managed applications for your business needs as well.

Cloud Hosting Security for Construction

Security is an ongoing concern for every business. Today, the cloud gives us the freedom to navigate documents and data anywhere, but it can create risks. Our team works to cut those risks by providing comprehensive cloud hosting security designed for the construction industry.

One of the ways Summit’s cloud hosting enables improved security is by providing you with a dedicated server. You will not share a server with any other company. That amplifies your security while reducing the risk that your business may be at risk of data loss.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for Construction

QuickBooks and Sage offer a range of solutions to meet your needs in the construction industry. If you are unsure what type of cloud hosting is best, let our team offer you some guidance and support. Tell us about your business and your needs, and we’ll simplify the process and offer a comprehensive, custom solution. Your custom solution may include:

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

Perhaps one of the best options in QuickBooks cloud hosting is Enterprise Hosting because of its robust features. It handles most of the tasks you need with ease, helping you to track costs and monitor your bottom line. It also helps you customize profit reports when you need them. You can expand user access and connections as your business expands. Use QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting to develop accurate job costing estimates while paying your workers directly.

Sage 300 Hosting

Sage is one of the most reliable and most recognized names in the industry – and with good reason. They provide the financial management tools and solutions your business needs to operate at its optimal level. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, provides web access to all financial data, customized reporting tools, and project reporting on the go. It also provides cloud-based service management.

Sage 100 Contractor Hosting

Sage 100 Contractor offers key features for smaller and mid-sized construction companies. This includes automated bank feeds and integrated payroll and timecard management. It also offers mobile service operations and electronic document management routine services.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for Construction

For businesses already using construction apps, or those looking for a way to facilitate on-the-go management of your construction business, QuickBooks and Sage make it easy. Consider a few apps that can be used to help streamline your operations when you make the switch.


A comprehensive construction management software platform, BuildStar is a powerhouse for many industry leaders. It is easy to use and an enterprise, all-in-one solution. It is also template-driven, which means you can easily move from one project to the next, whether you are sending quotes or responding to inquiries. There are key benefits, including job cost estimating, change order management, and facility reports and information sharing.


This cloud construction app can fully integrate with QuickBooks and Sage, making it simple to use alongside our products. Most importantly, it has an easy-to-use tool that makes project estimating simple and fast. You can automate some of the tasks as well, saving you frustration and time.


Another key tool for construction businesses that works well with QuickBooks and Sage, Paskr provides a high degree of automation. This construction management software automatically handles accounting updates and budgeting data, while also ensuring construction contracts and plans are easily within reach. You can also use it to manage bid invitations.

Are You Ready to Choose to Advance Your Business? Let Us Help

Construction accounting software and hosting solutions are not easy to navigate, even by those who have ample experience. Let our team make it easier. Reach out to Summit Hosting to learn more about the construction-related solutions we can offer you. Request a quote for the work that needs to be done, and let our team offer advice on making your next move.