QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Manufacturing

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is more complicated than people might realize. Manufacturers produce a range of products, but the business also manages inventory for supplies and completed items. They handle finances both in-house and, in some cases, for their customers. They must deal with banks, factors, and lending companies. That is why cloud hosting solutions for manufacturing make sense.

QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Manufacturing

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Manufacturing

Cloud hosting for manufacturing provides more versatility for any business, improving accessibility, security, and functionality of QuickBooks, Sage, and other essential software.

Accounting Made Simple

The days of complex formulas and manual ledgers are gone. QuickBooks and Sage hosting for manufacturing make accounting simple and more accurate. These are the same programs companies have been using for decades; now, manufacturing companies can access QuickBooks hosting and Sage hosting anywhere safely via a dedicated server. In addition to accessing key accounting software, cloud hosting solutions for manufacturing gives companies access to other programs and software apps that enhance performance and improve automation.

Remote Access

With a cloud hosting solution for manufacturing, employees can work remotely while always accessing essential software and data anytime from anywhere. This allows manufacturing companies to broaden their talent pool to include employees that may be in different states.

Additionally, manufacturing enterprises likely have an in-house accounting department that works with many third-party finance partners, including certified public accountants, banks, and auditors. With a cloud hosting solution, authorized users can be added and can access important data from anywhere at any time. Cloud hosting solutions for manufacturing allows for external access to targeted areas and help accounting personnel communicate with these third-party partners more straightforwardly and securely.

24-Hour Availability

Cloud hosting for manufacturing makes it easy for teams to access necessary data round the clock. Manufacturers work multiple shifts, especially during peak seasons. Having critical files available 24-hours a day is a necessity if you want to deliver goods on time. Without it, companies miss deadlines and disappoint customers.

The Use of Third-Party Integrations

One of the more practical things about QuickBooks hosting for manufacturing is using third-party integrations for easier data and inventory management and even better collaborations. From tax apps to word processing, enterprises can integrate programs into their QuickBooks cloud hosting platform to efficiently run the operation.

Reduce Costs

Companies don’t need a lot of fancy IT support when they have manufacturing QuickBooks hosting. There is no software to buy or special equipment necessary. These businesses save money on expensive hardware costs and licensing fees. By choosing cloud hosting solutions for manufacturing, businesses take their accounting paperless. This means no more spending money on ink, printer paper, or postage and more efficient use of space.

Greater Collaboration

QuickBooks hosting for manufacturing ensures a collaboration opportunity between vendors, designers, accounting, and inventory management. Manufacturers with multiple locations can all access the same information and critical files—the ability to collaborate is the heart of any industry.

Cloud Hosting Security for Manufacturing

Cloud hosting solutions for manufacturing improve overall network security, starting with 2-factor authentication. With the availability of 2-factor authentication, manufacturers protect their critical data from potential hackers while still allowing staff to access these records from anywhere.

Network segmentation allows one distinct network to appear as multiple ones to potential attackers. It makes it harder for hackers to infiltrate the networks.
Businesses of all sectors and sizes need to protect their systems from data loss, too. With encryption technology and dedicated servers, a QuickBooks or Sage hosting solution ensures data is secure and that there is a regular backup system in place in case of an emergency.

The effectiveness of cloud security ensures data and infrastructure are safe for attack 24-hours a day and 365 days a year. In addition, there are privacy settings in place to secure data files, and the host follows strict compliance guidelines.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for Manufacturing

QuickBooks and Sage both offer a range of solutions to meet your needs in the manufacturing industry. If you are unsure what type of cloud hosting is best, let our team offer you some guidance and support. Tell us about your business and your needs, and we’ll simplify the process and offer a comprehensive, custom solution. Your custom solution may include:

QuickBooks Enterprise

Perhaps one of the best options in QuickBooks cloud hosting is Enterprise Hosting because of its robust features. It handles most of the tasks you need with ease, helping you to track costs and monitor your bottom line. It also helps you customize profit reports when you need them. You can expand user access and connections as your business expands. Use QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting to develop accurate job costing estimates while paying your workers directly.

QuickBooks Accountant

QuickBooks Accountant is suitable for a small to medium-sized manufacturing enterprise. The program is built with bookkeepers and accountants in mind with access to everything available in the Pro and Premier plans along with advanced features such as trial balances.

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is affordable financial software for basic accounting needs. It might be the right choice for a small manufacturing company looking to manage their accounting tasks from anywhere.
Choosing the QuickBooks Pro hosting solution also allows a small company with a QuickBooks license to migrate it into the cloud. It makes upgrading that software easier and more affordable, too. Companies can also tack on Payroll functions to their QuickBooks Pro hosting plan for even more functionality.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier makes more sense for medium-sized enterprises with multiple users. QuickBooks Premier offers all the basic perks of the QuickBooks Pro plan but builds on them for more robust operation.
With the QuickBooks Premier solution, manufacturing companies can track expenses, pay bills and print out checks as you would with Pro, but do it from any country in the world. Besides, QuickBooks Premier allows for custom-made reports suitable for the manufacturing industry, optimizing data files and remote access from any device.

Sage 100

Sage 100 provides management for manufacturing companies of all sizes in need of greater accessibility and flexibility. The program offers round-the-clock support, regular server maintenance, and updates, plus real-time P&L and balance sheets.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is complex, but Summit Hosting can make some parts easier for companies of all sizes with manufacturing QuickBooks and Sage hosting. To learn more about Summit Hosting and the QuickBooks and Sage hosting products available, contact us today.

With cloud hosting solutions for manufacturing, Summit Hosting can integrate a variety of third-party applications that would benefit manufacturing companies such as:

Adobe Acrobat

The gold standard application for PDFs that manufacturers might use for anything from design specs to contracts.


Fishbowl is an inventory management application that can help manufacturers track both supplies and completed products.

CFS Payroll

CFS Payroll is a live payroll system that automatically calculates wages and prints paychecks.


Sharepoint can help manufacturers create tutorials and product support programs accessible by both B2B and B2C clients.


Bill.com is an application that helps manufacturers simply their accounts payable processes. Manufacturers deal with many vendors, and on-time payments can affect their credit, so having an application that provides ACH payment options and automates the process just makes sense.

MISys Manufacturing

MISys Manufacturing software has a number of features that are designed specifically for small to medium-sized firms, including advanced purchasing, material requirements planning, shop floor control, din and labor tracking, bar coding and more.