QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for HR & Payroll

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for HR & Payroll

Human resource management has evolved to where it needs to be agile across digital platforms to recruit and retain top talent in offices that can span across the country. With cloud hosting solutions for HR, HR departments can more effectively train, manage and compensate talent throughout an entire enterprise. Furthermore, software and apps like QuickBooks and Sage cloud hosting have optimized employee management so that HR and payroll departments can streamline work and focus on other key priorities. Thanks to an accessible, safe, and secure cloud hosting solution, you can focus on building a dominating workforce that will give your company a competitive edge in its industry.

QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for HR & Payroll

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for HR & Payroll


Never worry about outgrowing your existing HR and payroll applications as your company takes on more employees. With QuickBooks hosting for HR and Sage cloud hosting solutions, you can scale up or scale down based on business operations. You can integrate additional applications onto the dedicated servers to allow your business to grow at its own speed without limitations.

Automate More Tasks

HR management often involves many manual and repetitive tasks during employee recruitment, onboarding, payroll, training, and providing performance evaluations. Cloud hosting for payroll allows companies to automate more processes and speed up pre-screening and onboarding work to boost productivity.

Greater Employee Engagement

HR and payroll are always in contact with numerous if not hundreds of employees, whether through training development, performance evaluations, benefits, or performance evaluations. QuickBooks or Sage hosting for HR allows for an unlimited number of employee users to interact securely with the dedicated servers. You can share documents, notes, and data with employees wherever they are located.

Free Up More Time

Updating compensation selections, approving PTO, and updating employee payroll data are just a few of the tasks that can eat into time that HR and payroll departments have to spend across various priorities. Sage or QuickBooks hosting for HR removes the repetitiveness of tasks, so you have more time for other work. You only have to update the data once on the dedicated servers, which your staff can easily access anywhere and at any time.

Save on Costs

IT expenses can have a significant impact on the number of employees you can take on. With dedicated cloud hosting solutions for HR, you can better manage your budget by lowering the number of hosting equipment you need to manage and maintain.

Cloud Hosting Security for HR & Payroll

Due to the number of employees accessing HR, payroll, and benefit information online, having the highest security measures is vital across all computing infrastructures. With cloud hosting for payroll and HR, the hosting company takes care of implementing and managing data security, removing the burden from HR and payroll staff.

Our cloud hosting solutions for HR include:
• Dedicated private servers that are reserved just for your data. No other clients will have access to the servers that hold your data.
• 24/7 intrusion monitoring to check for any unauthorized attempts to access your data. By investigating data anomalies and intrusions, we can isolate the attack and take the necessary steps to prevent cyber-attacks.
• Solutions include data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and security-related certificates to ensure that only your designated employees can access approved company data.
• Network segmentation, making one network look like many different networks to intruders and hackers so they cannot easily infiltrate the server system.
• Regular security upgrades to keep track of newer viruses, Trojan horses, malware, and ransomware.

Security problems can come from both inside and outside of your company, from hackers to disgruntled ex-employees to a lost or stolen company laptop. Cloud hosting security solutions for HR offers another layer of protection to your remotely stored data.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for HR & Payroll

QuickBooks Pro+Payroll

QuickBooks Pro is a financial management software solution that is ideal for small businesses. It packs in all the essentials such as invoicing, generating profit/loss statements, and other automated accounting tasks. Pro+Payroll helps expand QuickBooks capabilities by providing features where you can perform direct deposits, manage workers' compensation payments, and file payroll taxes.

QuickBooks Premier+Payroll

QuickBooks Premier is an enhanced feature that has everything QuickBooks Pro offers plus added solutions. Gain access to data file optimization, unlimited cloud users, and custom reports for various industries. Payroll QuickBooks hosting can also be added as you'll be able to generate financial forecasts and manage payroll tasks effortlessly. QuickBooks Premier+Payroll is ideal for small to medium size companies that are constantly growing.

QuickBooks Enterprise+Payroll

QuickBooks Enterprise is an extensive business management feature for medium and large companies or small businesses with complex accounting systems. This software has everything that QuickBooks Pro and Premier provide while also offering enhanced remote accessibility and limitless third-party app integration features. Enterprise also allows for Payroll QuickBooks hosting add-ons.


Sage is an accounting and customer relationship management product suite for businesses of all sizes. It has a range of hosting software applications that can be tailored for your network systems, such as Sage 50 cloud hosting, Sage 100 cloud hosting, Sage 300 cloud hosting, and Sage 500. For HR staff, Sage HRMS is specifically designed to hire and manage employees as it offers payroll, benefits, and compliance features.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for HR & Payroll

Summit Hosting also allows for integrating other third-party applications into the QuickBooks and Sage cloud hosting solutions, putting your favorite apps at your fingertips to simplify HR tasks.

Efficiently hire, train and manage your employees from any device and at any location with QuickBooks and Sage cloud hosting capabilities offered by Summit Hosting. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud hosting environments and capabilities that will be suitable for your HR departments.


Expensify automates expense management processes as it integrates with both QuickBooks and Sage. It can track receipts, generate expense reports, and provides other features.


Zenefits is a SaaS platform that provides HR services such as payroll and benefits features. It can be integrated with QuickBooks and Sage Intacct software.


Gusto is an HRM software solution that helps further to automate payroll, benefits, and employee onboarding work. Integration with QuickBooks and payroll Sage hosting is offered.


Bamboo HR is an employee management SaaS for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps gather employee information and track data for the employee’s entire work cycle with the company. It offers QuickBooks and Sage integrations.


Deputy is an employee scheduling and time clock tracking software. Better manage employee schedules and payroll with this QuickBooks and Sage integration software.