QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Retail and eCommerce

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for eCommerce and Retail

eCommerce and the buying and selling of goods online is redefining business. Today, eCommerce platforms allow entrepreneurs to distribute products from anywhere and to anyone.


Cloud hosting has transformed the retail industry because it enables remote business management and lowers IT costs while improving the visibility of your product inventory, customer data, finances and more.

Cloud hosting for eCommerce helps companies keep pace with their online customers. Since QuickBooks accounting software and Sage accounting software integrate with popular platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion, BigCommerce, and more, entrepreneurs can efficiently manage inventory and orders, freeing up time to provide first-rate customer service.

Interested in moving your retail business applications and data to the cloud? Summit Hosting is one of the most trusted hosting providers in North America, and we’re always ready to help you select the best cloud solution for your retail business from dedicated cloud server hosting to a secure virtual workspace.

QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for eCommerce

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for eCommerce and Retail

Save Time

eCommerce operations can see thousands of transactions each month, making manual record keeping almost impossible. QuickBooks hosting for eCommerce saves time by automating bookkeeping processes. Inventory, order, and shipping data are seamlessly synced from your eCommerce platform to QuickBooks, saving you countless hours.

Increase Profit Margins

Both Sage hosting for eCommerce and QuickBooks hosting for eCommerce allow you to maintain up-to-date views of business finances at all times. In return, you can better control expenses and make concerted efforts to increase your profit margins.

Manage Shipping and Inventory

As your eCommerce operation grows to include multiple inventory warehouses, inventory management becomes more complicated. Cloud hosting solutions for eCommerce can help by allowing various users to update inventory details. This function ensures a steady supply of products.

Reduced Operational Costs

Investing in hardware and software is expensive. Cloud hosting is a practical alternative, providing your business with access to QuickBooks hosting for eCommerce and Sage hosting for eCommerce for less.

Build Stronger Relationships with Customers

Cloud hosting takes the legwork out of eCommerce. So, instead of manually logging business transactions, you can spend time building stronger relationships with your customers. Staff talent, for instance, can be dedicated to customer service and outreach as opposed to bookkeeping. Customers will also appreciate your business’s dedication to accuracy and efficiency.


improved inventory management and enhanced supply chain visibility to higher data security and better disaster recovery.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should begin your digital transformation by moving to QuickBooks cloud hosting or cloud hosted Sage. When you use the cloud, you can enjoy enhanced insights and real-time snapshots thanks to secure, anywhere access to your software. Additionally, retailers enjoy the flexibility, customization and business scalability the cloud offers, especially in a dedicated setting: unlike in a shared server setting, dedicated hosting lets you customize your server with the tools and resources you need as your business grows.

With the selection of a hosting provider, you’ll also reduce IT-related expenses and time spent dealing with IT headaches since cloud providers take over these responsibilities for you.

Cloud Hosting Security for eCommerce

Since the cloud is intangible, many companies question the security of cloud hosting. However, cloud hosting for eCommerce provides companies with significantly more protection than storing sensitive customer information on a computer or in a filing cabinet.

Sage or QuickBooks cloud hosting with Summit provides you with your own dedicated server with Summit Secure Workspace™, our enhanced security suite designed to greatly reduce the risk of a security breach. Your data is also stored in an off-site location where it receives 24/7 intrusion monitoring and is protected by encryption and security-related certificates. To access the data, users will be prompted to sign in using a strong password and have the option of adding two-factor authentication for added security.

Summit’s cloud hosting solution for eCommerce is further secured by network segmentation. Segmentation works by breaking the network into smaller parts. Summit Hosting’s engineering teams can then grant users access to certain parts of the network to access their server and keep other parts separate to increase security.


Believe it or not, the cloud is a much more secure method for storing and protecting data than on-premise hosting. Critical information and files accessed using a cloud-hosted server are better protected from intrusions by unauthorized persons, cybercrime attempts, general human error, and natural disasters. How is this possible? Most cloud service providers offer 24/7 data intrusion monitoring, around-the-clock data security, and enterprise-level encryption technology, among others.

At Summit Hosting, we take additional security measures for our clients. Our dedicated server hosting solutions for retail are dedicated to only your business – this means you won’t have to worry about your data being compromised due to a misstep on behalf of another company sharing your server.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for eCommerce

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is designed for small eCommerce operations. This software helps organize business finances, incorporating and categorizing bank transactions, importing data from Excel, and more.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is better suited for larger, more complicated businesses. Unlike Pro, Premier provides access to an unlimited number of users. Premier also produces custom-made reports and optimizes data files.

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is a more robust business management solution. Enhanced with additional payroll and inventory-related features, Enterprise allows eCommerce operations to manage more of their day-to-day operations in-house.

QuickBooks Accountant

QuickBooks Accountant makes bookkeeping simple. In addition to all the features of Pro and Premier, QuickBooks Accountant is equipped with a toolbox that makes entering batch transactions, creating journal entries, and examining trial balances easy and painless.

Sage 50

Sage 50 is a high-performance cloud hosting solution for eCommerce businesses. At Summit, you have the option to choose between Pro, Premium, and Quantum. Pro can pay bills, track sales, and monitor cash flow. Premium offers the same features as well as advanced budgeting. Quantum provides additional industry-specific functionalities.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for eCommerce

Cloud hosting solutions for eCommerce allow entrepreneurs to increase efficiency, manage inventory, maintain comprehensive views of financials, and provide better customer service. If you’d like to learn more about cloud hosting and how it could improve your profit margins, contact Summit Hosting today. We’re here to answer all of your questions and help you find the right solutions for your eCommerce business.

Summit Hosting can expand your QuickBooks or Sage software capabilities by integrating with just about any application on the market. Applications that help entrepreneurs better manage day-to-day eCommerce business operations include:


As a leading eCommerce platform, Shopify helps businesses of all sizes sell products online. Shopify can integrate with QuickBooks, allowing you to monitor customer transactions, inventory, account balances, and more.


Bill.com works seamlessly with QuickBooks and Sage to help eCommerce companies automate accounts payable and accounts receivable.


NumberCruncher helps QuickBooks users manage inventory. The application offers services specifically designed for eCommerce operations, aiding in cart integration, drop shipping, and purchasing.

Zed Axis

Zed Axis is a data processing application that enables eCommerce businesses to import data into QuickBooks quickly. The application helps businesses export data as well.


Fishbowl automates a variety of inventory management tasks and, in doing so, helps small- to medium-sized companies balance overstocks and stockouts. It also integrates with QuickBooks.

Crystal Reports Software

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence software that works with Sage to generate comprehensive reports. This information allows eCommerce operations to make critical financial decisions.