QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Automotive

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for Automotive

People working in the automotive industry know a lot about cars, but many will know less about accounting. From sales to repair to transportation, automotive businesses have the same challenges as any company. They have invoices to prepare, payroll to run, and taxes to file.

QuickBooks streamlines the process for auto workshops and other industry-related businesses. Cloud hosting solutions for automotive services that include QuickBooks make it easier and safer, too. Here are a few reasons why QuickBooks cloud hosting benefits the automotive industry.

QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Automotive

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Automotive Services

Flexibility is one of the biggest perks that comes with QuickBooks because different automotive businesses need different things. Consider other ways the automotive industry could benefit from cloud hosting solutions for automotive services.


For everything, there is a season, and that is true for the automotive industry, too. Scalability means businesses only need to pay for services they use. Chances are tow truck companies, for example, are busier during the winter months. They may also work with contractors. Scalability in QuickBooks allows them to create custom rates for each one.

Reduce Costs

It is safe to say most automotive services don’t have a back-office IT staff and hardware. Even if they could afford it, it wouldn’t be convenient. Utilizing QuickBooks hosting for automotive services means they don’t need IT on the premises. Administrative server support is available to them 24 hours a day/365 days a year. They save the cost of employing staff to back up and manage their systems. They also don’t need to worry about purchasing expensive hardware.

Remote Access

It’s the beauty of working in the cloud. Staff can access the platform from anywhere. That means the technician on the road has the same access as the one at the shop. Remote access helps streamline work and ensures everyone is on the same page no matter where they are working.


The features in QuickBooks allow these businesses to carry out their daily operations without interruption. QuickBooks will integrate with third-party apps that add additional features such as inventory management and billing.


With cloud hosting, there is no need for these services to pay to update their servers. When the latest updates or patches become available for your dedicated cloud server, our team will take care of them so you don’t have to. Updates don’t have to disrupt the business, either. They can be done during the off-hours when the shop is closed.

Disaster Recovery

Back-ups of your entire server occur every night and are kept in a separate storage network. For the repair shop owner, this means instant remote availability of everything from vendors to VINs if files are lost or a disaster happens.

Cloud Hosting Security for Automotive Services

Every business has sensitive data to protect. Automotive services often store private customer data such as credit card numbers or contact information. The business also needs to protect its financial data.

The dedicated servers used in Summit Hosting’s cloud hosting solution ensure that they regularly back up data, so sensitive information remains safe if there is a problem.

Summit Hosting also offers enterprise-level security with Summit Secure Workspace. Our enhanced security suite provides 24/7 security monitoring, a zero-trust login method with optional Multi-Factor Authentication, and more.

Our platform allows staff members to securely log on from anywhere in the world without the need for a 3rd party VPN. This means whether they’re in the office, garage, or on the road, they can access their data whenever the need arises.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for Automotive

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro offers rudimentary accounting features so that it might be the right choice for a sole proprietor or contractor. It might also be enough for a small shop that already owns a QuickBooks license and is looking to have the added benefit of working in the cloud.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Larger automotive businesses will want to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise. This package provides many of the same features as QuickBooks Accountant but tacks on unlimited users and an infinite number of add-ons. It allows shops to customize the financial software they need.

QuickBooks Accountant

QuickBooks Accountant is for the automotive business whose books are a little more involved. It allows multiple users and offers additional features beyond what is available with QuickBooks Pro, such as expense tracking, bill pay, and check printing. It also provides customized reports perfect for sending to a bookkeeper or accountant.

Sage Fixed Assets

Sage Fixed Assets Cloud Hosting provides a real advantage to the large automotive business with multiple locations and lots of expensive equipment. The program allows for the management of fixed assets like expensive repair computers or heavy-duty machinery.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for Automotive Services

QuickBooks cloud hosting offers full functionality for automotive services looking to keep their data secure, their books accurate, and their operations running smoothly. There is a QuickBooks and Sage program right for any size company. Summit Hosting can help those in the automotive industry find the best options for them.

Summit Hosting can help automotive service companies find the perfect third-party add-ons to benefit their operations. Some apps worth considering include:


Workshop is a complete management system for an auto shop that integrates with QuickBooks. It will take the hassle out of running the day-to-day operations of a repair shop and syncs in real-time with the QuickBooks platform.

CFS Payroll

CFS Payroll is a complete payroll processing system that will track employee time, calculate taxes and generate checks.


Bill.com is an intelligent bill management system. It handles accounts payable and accounts receivable, ACH payments, and syncs with QuickBooks.