Calyx Point Hosting

Calyx Point is the #1 loan origination software on the market and by hosting it with Summit Hosting you can move your business to the cloud. Match security and stability with anytime, anywhere access to your business applications and data. Never purchase or install software again.

Calyx Point Hosting with Summit Hosting

Summit Hosting provides Calyx Point Hosting through Citrix, a superior option to Calyx Point Hosting through terminal servers.  Calyx Point Software is the leading choice for loan officers, processors and mortgage professionals. Summit Hosting Calyx Point Hosting extends the flexibility and convenience by extending Calyx Point access to anywhere with an internet connection. Calyx Point provides the forms, functionality, and flexibility that loan officers and processors require from loan marketing through closing. Calyx Point hosting improves the efficiency, speed, and reliability of each phase of the loan process; and provides a single point to and from which mortgage-based information is exchanged with a wide array of lenders and service providers.

Why Choose Calyx Point Hosting with Summit Hosting?

  • Rock solid reliability–99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Experienced Hosting Company: We have been hosting applications and servers for small and medium sized business since 2005.
  • Citrix Hosting: Our competitors use Terminal Services, a less reliable Hosting option.
  • Complete Access: Access your Calyx Point Hosting files anytime anywhere. Your information is available at your fingertips anyime you have an internet connection.
  • Save time and Money: Reduce commuting expenses and eliminate unnecessary meetings.
  • Data Security: two level strong password protected logins, 128 bit encryption and security time-outs protect your data.
  • Simplified PC Management: Calyx Point Hosting data is stored on our servers. We maintain your software and ensure your data is safe.

The Advantages of Calyx Point Hosting

Calyx Point Hosting can reduce your expenses, and increase your productivity. The ability to work from anywhere, anytime, with a single source for all of your data allows you to:

  • reduce your travel time and expenses
  • simplify PC maintenance
  • increased client satisfaction with remote support

Calyx Point Hosting remote access solutions vary greatly.  Before signing up for a terminal server solution try a Calyx Point Hosting Citrix solution.  Contact us today to learn more.

Calyx Point Hosting with Summit Hosting’s gives you mobile access to essential forms, tools and data. Respond quickly and easily to client requests on your phone or tablet, and give your clients something to rave about. Get the functionality that your business demands: Calyx Point hosting with Summit Hosting.

Calyx, Calyx Software and Point are registered trademarks of Calyx Software.  Summit Hosting is an independent hosting company.  This notice for hosting services does not imply any relationship between and Calyx Software.