Business Plan Pro Hosting

Collaborating on a business plan and need multi-user access? Need access to your business plan and ideas from any location? With Summit Hosting Citrix application hosting, you can connect to Business Plan Pro and all associated data from virtually any device with an internet connection.

Key Benefits & Features

Business Plan Pro by Palo Alto Software

Business Plan Pro by Palo Alto Software to help businesses save time, avoid mistakes and create a successful plan. Summit Hosting takes care of all data backups, IT support, software updates and more so that you can focus 100% on your business and leave the technical issues to us.

Over 500 Sample Business Plans

Over 500 sample plans are included to help you get inspired, get started, or simply compare your plan to a completed plan.

Financial formulas

The built in financial formulas help you accurately forecast future profits & plan where your investments are going.

Expert Guidance

The author of Business Plan Pro, Tim Berry, is the recognized authority on business planning.  Using Business Plan Pro is designed to make you feel as if Berry is personally reviewing & helping you create a business plan.

More than 9,000 Industry Profiles

Use real industry data & market research to help you ensure the success of your business.