Should I Buy or Lease QuickBooks?

After you’ve done a little research and landed on cloud-based QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Accountant as the best financial software for your business, you may have found yourself asking a new question: should I buy or lease QuickBooks?

At Summit Hosting, you can choose to lease or purchase your QuickBooks license directly though us. Both leasing and buying your QuickBooks licensing have inherent benefits that the other can’t provide; however, with the guidelines outlined below, it will be much easier to decide what’s best for your business. So… To lease? Or not to lease?

Buying vs Leasing QuickBooks

As we’re sure you guessed, there are a few major differences between leasing and buying your QuickBooks license. According to certain circumstances, the pros of one option may outweigh those tied to the other, so, it’s important to decide which will be the best fit for your unique situation, budget and overall business requirements. 

Here are some of the most important differences to consider between leasing and buying a QuickBooks as you make your decision about your license:


  • Flexible Billing: Leasing QuickBooks through Summit Hosting provides flexible monthly billing to businesses most interested in shorter-term usage of the features and benefits provided by QuickBooks. 
  • Adding/Removing Users: In addition, for businesses that have dynamic employment, users needing QuickBooks access may change often enough that leasing provides a natural advantage over an otherwise static license purchased for a specific user-count.
  • Less Cost Upfront: Many small businesses today prioritize the conservation of capital expenses when an alternative billing arrangement – such as leasing – exists. This allows for more strategic allocation of a business’ available capital with the cost of QuickBooks marginalized to a monthly premium. By leasing QuickBooks monthly with Summit Hosting, a business can have a truly affordable means of taking advantage of all that QuickBooks has to offer.


  • Lower Cost Overall: When a business chooses to purchase their QuickBooks License, as opposed to leasing, it is most often done so to save as much as possible on longer-term usage. As an example, most businesses that choose to purchase QuickBooks from Summit Hosting save up to 70% from otherwise leasing the same licensing over the course of three years! 
  • No Recurring Expenses: Although there can be significant upfront capital expense in taking advantage of these savings, it is done once, eliminating monthly operating expenses over the course of time. This is an ideal arrangement for businesses looking to control future expenses, as there is no longer a need to allocate an expense monthly towards your QuickBooks needs.
  • A Working Asset: Ownership has a real distinction over leasing QuickBooks, as by purchasing your QuickBooks through Summit Hosting, you now have a working intangible asset for your business instead of a leasing liability. For many businesses, this is the difference-maker in deciding whether to purchase or lease their QuickBooks software.

Can I Get Pricing on Both Hosted QuickBooks Options?

Yes! Although there is a need to settle on either leasing or purchasing your QuickBooks for your dedicated server here at Summit Hosting, we are well-accustomed in providing options for both during your evaluation.

Also, there may be times where a business evolves from having a leasing arrangement to seeing ownership as being more attractive (or vice versa) …no problem! Contact one of our QuickBooks specialists today to discuss such a transition, as well as what can be expected from a billing standpoint.

Whether you have your mind made already, wish to further discuss the pros and cons of leasing vs buying or would like to learn more about our QuickBooks cloud hosting solutions, just reach out! We’ll take a personalized approach in providing guidance for your business.