5 Reasons To Use A Cloud Server

There are some things you just can’t replace. The family photo album, a child’s first painting, heirlooms… All of these things are one of a kind, truly special and irreplaceable. But those aren’t the only things in this world that would be catastrophic to lose!

Take a moment to think about what would happen if your company’s QuickBooks or Sage data was lost. How would you feel? Who would it affect? How would it change your company?

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that your local machines may not be as secure as they should be, given the sensitivity of the data they protect. Local storage on-premises has multiple risk factors, such as natural disasters or other external factors. However, there are ways to protect your data against such risk factors – like migrating your accounting software into the cloud.

Although the cloud may sound unfamiliar, it has actually become widely popular in the tech world. Since 2014, the number of businesses adopting cloud practices has increased significantly at over 50% because it’s a safer, more convenient and cost effective alternative to hosting on prem.

By transitioning over to a cloud-based QuickBooks or cloud hosted Sage, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing your data and the financial foundation for your company is safe. Allow us to explain the top five reasons you should host your Sage or QuickBooks data on a cloud server.

Top Five Advantages of Cloud Hosting

1. Security

When using a cloud hosting provider, overall data protection is handled by experienced engineers. They install interconnected security tools, can scale resources as needed and may offer additional layers of security at login, such as 2-factor authentication. Additionally, the cloud server hardware is typically physically held in ultra-secure off-premise data centers.

2. Data Backups

When you store your Sage or QuickBooks data in the cloud, you can rest assured knowing backups are ready and waiting in the event of an emergency! Data backups are automated and usually take place daily. So, it won’t be the end of the if you forget to create a copy of your data at the end of a long working day. At Summit Hosting, we offer nightly data backups which are retained for 15 days.

3. Savings

Consider your current IT costs. Those local storage machines and hardware don’t maintain themselves, do they? If you’re looking to grow your business, you’ll have to expand your data storage and hardware as well, especially if you’re using a more advanced version of Sage. With this expansion comes the responsibility of your IT team to maintain and update your local machines. And with that responsibility comes money.

Expanding your IT squad is expensive. Why not skip it all together? Depending on the cloud hosting provider, they’ll handle the backups, maintenance and updating of all your company’s storage needs, on top of the risk aversion. So, it’s a matter of keeping your data safe, your software updated and your costs down, versus potentially at risk, out-of-date and expensive.

4. Redundant Servers

The key to data survival and an uninterrupted workflow is redundancy. Redundancy is the key to data survival and an uninterrupted workflow. Redundancy is… (Okay, we’re done.)

You’re looking to the cloud for the same level of reliability that your customers are looking to you for – so, it’s important to be able to deliver at the drop of a hat. Certain hosting providers, like Summit Hosting, have fully redundant dedicated servers. This means that if one server stops working for some reason, another server will automatically take over and start running so you can keep going.

5. Convenience

Whether you’re traveling for business or on a trip overseas, you’re always able to access your information from the cloud. With ‘round the clock operations every day of the year, your QuickBooks or Sage data can be in the palm of your hand or on your computer at a moment’s notice. With uninterrupted hours of operation thanks to 24/7 remote access, you’re able to work from anywhere and pull files whenever you need them.

Cloud Hosting Experts

With 10+ years of hosting experience, we could go on and on and on about the reasons why you should install your QuickBooks, Sage or other applications on a cloud server. However, we’re going to pause here. If you’re interested in learning more details about the benefits of cloud hosting or how easy it is to migrate your data into the cloud, contact one of our knowledgeable hosting specialists at Summit Hosting today!