How Cloud Hosting Can Help Your Business

When a business is deciding on whether or not a move to the cloud, it’s typical for a calculation of how much time and money will be saved to occur. However, it’s often not very clear upfront if the hassle of moving your Sage or QuickBooks data into the cloud is worth the potential savings.

Below, you will find four quick points that highlight why making a move to the cloud now will help your business save over time.

How Can Cloud Hosting Help?

1. Zero Capital Costs

With all computational power, resources, software and data residing in the cloud, a business that has made the move has no need of acquiring servers, storage, memory, racks, or even software. Instead, a business can opt to incur an operating expense to access IT-infrastructure that always remains modern, updated and maintained. This can allow for an immense amount of business capital to be reinvested or reserved while maintaining a known operating expense over time. Unlike having to maintain on-premise hosting equipment that can fail at any time, by moving to the cloud a business can be rest-assured that emergency capital is not needed in addressing equipment failure.

2. Scaled Expenses

At a predetermined rate, a cloud provider will charge only what your business needs. This is advantageous for a business that is unsure about its growth, or is over/under on its projection. For businesses that haven’t moved to the cloud, expenses on IT is often inefficient, as equipment is typically over-purchased or under-purchased. This not only causes business disruptions and downtime, but it also forces an emergency capital expense to resolve.

3. Increased Productivity

With uptime proven and publicly available by reputable cloud providers, a business can take for granted that access to mission-critical software and resources will be available on-demand. In addition, with cloud-based access, traditional desktop programs and software can now be available 24/7 instead of within business hours only (unlike a business that utilizes an on premise server only). The amount of time saved for workers who would otherwise suffer from business-hour maintenance and software updates is critical for businesses that rely on there being little to no business disruptions.

Additionally, cloud hosting gives users the freedom to use their software from anywhere, at anytime – they’re never chained to a local desktop at the office and have the ability to continue access their hosted QuickBooks and Sage data while traveling, at home, on-the-go or onsite.

4. Lowered Utility Costs

Servers, NAS systems, and other IT infrastructure often have high power needs that can become expensive as a business grows. Especially with this equipment rarely ever being powered-off after business-hours, the costs of electricity usage greatly increase over time. With a business that has moved to the cloud, none of the extra utility costs associated with on premise infrastructure exists.

Secure Cloud Hosting Solutions

Moving to the cloud has many more advantages for a business looking to save time and money outside of just these four reasons above. When considering whether to make the move, it’s important to realize that making the move now as opposed to later further amplifies the potential savings and efficiency gains for your business. Making the move to a trusted cloud-based provider, like Summit Hosting, provides a serious competitive advantage, and by realizing the distinct reasons why, a business can truly transform along with their IT needs.

If you’re ready to host your Sage or QuickBooks data in the cloud or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our expert hosting specialists at 888-244-6559 or drop us a note here.