Hosting Hosting streamlines and automates online bill payments, invoicing and accounts payable & receivable for businesses. Go paperless with’s online “financial office” to help manage your day-to-day finances. All documents and information you, your employees and accountants need are readily and easily accessible online Hosting features

    • Access bills, invoices & accounts anywhere. hosting can be accessed on any smart phone (iPhone, iPad and Andriod work nicely) so you can approve bills or schedule payments away from your office or desktop.

    • Easily make payments online

With hosting you can pay anyone electronically with a single click, or set up automated payments to be made in the future.

    • Never miss a payment

Bill payments are made easier with’s automated reminders, to do lists and recurring bills. And, if a vendor check does not clear within 20 days, you will be notified.

    • Eliminate Data Entry

With Zen, you do not have to manually enter bill information. You and your vendors can submit information into through email, fax or file upload and be certain your information is accurate.

    • Simplify Vendor Management allows you to access complete vendor history; contracts, bills, cleared check images, etc, online with just a click of your mouse.

    • Increase efficiency helps you make better payment decisions with its cash flow calendar and easy access to all information from anywhere, save time as all your day-to-day finances are completed online, get paid sooner with online invoicing and payments made directly to your bank account, and much more.

    • …and more also allows you to gain control of your bills, providing access to different users, simplify audits by giving auditors access to needed forms all online, works with your accounting software such as Quickbooks or Peachtree and more.



  • $5.00 per user per month when added to your QuickBooks Hosting account.


Why Hosting with Summit Hosting?

With Summit Hosting, you can be sure that all your highly confidential bills and invoices are kept safe and secure in our servers. Hosting works with QuickBooks and Peachtree, both of which are hosted by Summit Hosting. That way, you can keep all you finances together and be able to access them all at anytime, from anywhere.

Using through the online website may result in problems and slow servers when a lot of users are present. However, with hosting, this issue will not arise. As more banks are going paperless and choosing to do more and more online, Hosting is the best paperless billing solution for your business.