Cloud-based, fully-integrated EDI solutions removes the need to re-key data, reducing errors and shortening the ‘order to payment’ cycle.

Why Choose B2BGateway as an EDI Solution?

B2BGateway offers fully-integrated, cloud-based EDI solutions for many of today’s popular accounting packages and ERPs. B2BGateway’s EDI solutions are easy-to-use and eliminating the need for manual data entry. A fully-integrated EDI solution with B2BGateway will save you time and money, reduce errors and tighten your ‘order to payment’ cycle.

B2BGateway is also dedicated to helping your business evolve and expand, which is why if you discover that your growing company needs a more robust accounting package, B2BGateway will apply any previously paid setup fees to setup your new system with B2BGateway. Inexpensive, simple, and high in quality, B2BGateway is an excellent solution for your EDI needs.

Why choose Summit Hosting’s B2BGateway hosting?

With Summit Hosting hosting B2BGateway’s EDI solutions for your business, full integration takes on a whole new meaning. Summit Hosting hosting gives you, you business partners, and your employees access to B2BGateway anywhere you have an internet connection, allowing real-time online collaboration on data—rendering frequent in-office meetings unnecessary. Further, with Summit Hosting hosting B2BGateway, your business automatically gains 24-hour access to our first-rate IT infrastructure—which means that your business is saved from the cost of building one for itself.  Summit Hosting also stores and backs up your files every day in our world-class, highly secure data centers. Reduce your business expenses and increase your productivity and peace of mind with Summit Hosting’s B2BGateway hosting.