ATX Hosting

ATX Hosting gives the tax professional access to their tax application from anywhere with an internet connection.ATX was founded on the idea that high quality, professional tax preparation and accounting software should be available to all professionals—at prices that everyone can afford. That’s why more than 35,000 tax professionals and CPAs have chosen ATX for their professional tax software, accounting, and tax research solution needs to-date.

Why ATX Hosting?

ATX hosting by Summit Hosting provides tax software in the cloud designed for:

  • Usability
  • Flexibility
  • Easy imports
  • Smooth data integration from diverse sources
  • Effortless customization of financial statements
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your hosted ATX software

ATX offers a variety of accounting products with exciting features to improve the way you do business. Some of these are:

ATX Client Accounting Suite

Combines general ledger, trial balance, after-the-fact payroll, accounts payable and receivable and financial statement reporting functions into one system, allowing for better, comprehensive data management.

ATX Fixed Asset Manager

Tracks federal, state, AMT, and book depreciation for an unlimited number of assets, giving you control of your clients’ fixed asset data.

ATX Trial Balance

Helps you reconcile and adjust book balances, prepare business tax returns, and generate standard financial statements.

ATX Document Manager

Lets you scan, organize, and save digital versions of your clients’ documents for easy retrieval and review (and lets you view them side by side with ATX tax preparation software).

. . . and more

Other ATX programs include ATX Payroll (for complete in-house payroll services), ATX Client Checkbook (for clients to enter their own check and transactions), and ATX Scan&Fill (for automating data entry). Whether you’re a small or mid-size business, ATX software can be easily adapted to help you meet your tax preparation and accounting needs. ATX products are all fully tested and designed for straightforward, intuitive use—which means it can have your business running more efficiently and productively in no time at all.

Why choose Summit Hosting for ATX hosting?

In choosing any ATX product, you’re increasing your company’s effectiveness and productivity; in choosing Summit Hosting for ATX hosting, the benefits increase even further. With Summit Hosting ATX hosting, your business will see better quality and improved efficiency in the following areas:

Cost Management

With Summit Hosting ATX hosting, your business won’t have to build its own IT infrastructure—you’ll have ours at your disposal instead. Any ATX application your business wishes to utilize will be run from our centralized servers, which means you won’t have to invest in purchasing the equipment you would need to run it on a network within your office. Summit Hosting will also take care of any system upgrades as they become available.

Time Use

When you go through Summit Hosting ATX hosting, your applications are available on any computer with an internet connection—not just for you, but for your coworkers and employees. This multi-user, anytime, anywhere access means that work can be done when it needs to be done—regardless of whether you’re in the office or not—and allows for improved collaborative efforts within your business.

IT Support

Summit Hosting offers 24x7x365 technical support, so that when you’re taking advantage of the anytime, anywhere access that hosting makes possible, you always have someone to call if you need assistance.

Data Security

When your data and applications are housed on Summit Hosting servers, they’re protected in every way: Summit Hosting provides password protection and encryption, and uses up-to-date firewalls and online security tools to safeguard your information. We also store and back up your data in multiple, highly secure locations on a daily basis, so you’re never at risk of losing anything to system failures or hacking.

ATX Hosting Cost

ATX must be installed on a virtual server which is $150 plus $30 per user per month. Users receive 35GB of storage space and can host up to 4 additional applications for the same fee.