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Summit Apogee


Apogee means more. More secure, more flexible and more insights for you and your SAP Business One customer.

The Summit Apogee Program is the next generation of SAP Business One hosting. With the power of dedicated cloud servers protected by Summit Secure Workspace™, SAP Business One partners and end-users alike can take their experience to new heights.

SAP Business One Dedicated Server Platforms

  • Dedicated and Summit Secure private server access with all the on-premise flexibility for unlimited add-ons, customization, third-party products, and full desktop.
  • Users access via TruGrid, an enhanced RDP security tool with optional Multi-Factor Authentication for end users.
  • The latest hardware is paired with only SSD flash storage for ultimate performance.
  • Servers are sized based on the number of users to provide the best balance between cost and performance.
  • Additional virtual Microsoft or Linux application servers can be added to your unique specifications
  • Partner Launchpad – Dedicated terminal server for partner staff to manage all servers within the environment
  • TruGrid Multi-factor authentication for administrative access to all servers
  • Free Demo Server
  • Server Dashboard – A real-time web-enabled single pane of glass for monitoring all servers within the Summit SAP Cloud

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