Adobe Reader

The global standard for electronic document sharing. View, search, comment upon, and print any PDF file

Adobe Reader Features

The global standard for electronic document sharing, Adobe Reader allows you to view, search, comment upon, and print PDF documents. The benefits and features of Adobe Reader Hosting include:

Access to all PDF files

Adobe Reader allows you to open and work with many types of PDF content, including drawings, emails, videos, and other multimedia elements.

Enhanced editing tools

Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools allow you to write comments and make notes directly on your PDFs.

User-friendly interface

Adobe Reader offers different reading modes to suit your preferences, as well as keyboard shortcuts so you can zoom in and out, find, print, and much more.

Complete file searching

Adobe Reader lets you search for words and phrases in page content, annotations, bookmarks, and more within your PDF files.

. . . and much more

Adobe Reader also allows you to open PDF portfolios, electronically submit forms that have been Reader-enabled, natively display rich media content created with Flash, and more.

Why choose Summit Hosting for Adobe Reader hosting?

Adobe Reader offer almost every feature imaginable for working with PDF files, and with Summit Hosting hosting it for you, you can take full advantage of every one. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with Summit Hosting acting as your hosting provider include:


With Summit Hosting you—and anyone else you give permission to—can access Adobe Reader at any time, anywhere there is internet connectivity. All your PDF files can be stored on our servers so you’ll not only be able to access them from your desktop at home, but also at the office, in a café, or on the road; and with everything saved and easily accessible online, there will be no more losing paperwork or forgetting important documents at home.


Summit Hosting backs up your data every day, storing it in multiple locations—all company-owned—to ensure that your information is never compromised or lost. With Summit Hosting, you never have to worry about the safety of your data from hackers or viruses, nor do you have to concern yourself with purchasing an external hard drive to back up your files in case of a disaster—Summit Hosting takes care of it all for you.


Summit Hosting provides 24/7 IT support for our clients; if anything goes wrong with your Reader at any time, day or night, help is available.

Automatic updates

As a world leader and global standard, Adobe is constantly updating and improving Reader. Summit Hosting saves you from the hassle of system update pop-ups telling you to install the latest version; since the software is stored on our servers, we carry the responsibility of updating and maintaining Reader for you—all you have to do is use it.