Adobe Acrobat

Create high-impact PDF communications, collaborate more easily, and streamline reviews

Access Adobe Acrobat, the world’s leading pdf creation & editing software, via the cloud and learn how convenient it is to have your data secured, automatically updated & accessible from virtually any device with an internet connection.

Adobe Acrobat is included with most hosting packages. More advanced Adobe applications are available as well. Call (888) -244-6559 to learn more.

How does Adobe Acrobat hosting work?

To sign up for Adobe Acrobat hosting, all you need is your license number and a third party ASP provider, such as Summit Hosting. After signing up, Adobe Acrobat will run on your PC, MAC or device seamlessly, as if it were locally installed. You will then be billed a nominal monthly fee based on the number of users.  The monthly fee includes:

  • 24/7/365 domestic technical support
  • Rock solid security including daily backups, automatic mirroring, 124 bit encryption & more.
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Automatic updates
  • Multi user access
  • All the benefits of Adobe Acrobat