AccessBooks Realtime

AccessBooks RealTime synchronizes QuickBooks to an external Microsoft Access Database, allowing your business to create solutions that can support several hundred users with a standard ODBC interface.

Why Synergration AccessBooks RealTime?

The features and benefits of Synergration AccessBooks RealTime include:

  • Dynamic synchronization
  • A built-in scheduler to manage how frequently the database is synchronized with QuickBooks
  • Increased speed over ODBC connections
  • Ability to export raw report data and create custom reports
  • Ideal for use with Crystal Reports


Why choose Summit Hosting for Synergration AccessBooks RealTime hosting?

Already a trusted host for QuickBooks, Summit Hosting is a great choice for AccessBooks RealTime hosting. With the two programs hosted together, you can count on seamless integration—as well as the ability to access them both anytime, anywhere there is internet connection.

Summit Hosting guarantees that your data is safe and secure on our servers. We back up your data daily and store it in multiple, secure, company-owned locations with state-of-the-art protection against hackers and viruses.

Summit Hosting’s Citrix servers provide you with unlimited space for saving data from QuickBooks and Synergration AccessBooks RealTime, so you’re not limited to how much your local hard drive can hold.

Summit Hosting also provides 24/7 technical support, and saves your business money by eliminating the need to build an IT team.