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Summit Hosting provides cloud-based hosting to U.S.-based and international businesses, delivering the highest level of performance, security and customer service.

Your experience with Summit Hosting begins with our knowledgeable U.S.-based sales team. We will work with you to understand your business, goals, and hosting needs. Once we’ve developed the right solution to meet your objectives, we put that plan in to action with our technical team.

For hosted applications, you’ll be up and running with a username and password in 24 hours—for dedicated servers it may take a bit longer.

We are 100% customer-focused, a principle that has guided our business since its inception. We understand the importance of providing flawless customer support, as well has how to deliver that. Should you ever have question, encounter an issue, our team of certified support professionals is available 24/7 to take your help.


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Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server means your website, software and/or applications are all safely hosted on one server that belongs to your business alone. This means you’ll always experience top performance on a reliable, uncrowded private server.

Generally, dedicated cloud servers are operated and maintained by a professional cloud hosting company so you don’t have to worry about hardware upgrades or IT maintenance. Dedicated servers are most often located off-site in a secure data center rather than in-house at your physical office. Additionally, certain providers, like Summit Hosting, also create backups of your data. So, if a disaster ever happens, don’t fret – we do nightly server backups that are retained for 15 days.



Among our many solutions, we specialize in application delivery to an array of industries around the world, from finance and accounting firms to those working in engineering and design.


Our infrastructure is among the most advanced, and the most secure, in the hosting industry. We use a combination of owned HP Blades and SAN’s, as well as leased services from AWS and Rodgers in Canada. All of our applications are delivered via RDS, a robust and dependable way to deliver applications.

QuickBooks Hosting

We are a leading provider of cloud-based QuickBooks hosting, which allows for affordable and simplified remote access to QuickBooks software – anytime and from any device.



We’re experts in providing virtualization via RDS.

Dedicated Servers

We provide dedicated server hosting and managed backups.


We not only offer the highest level of customer service, we also offer your business the highest level of security. We also make sure your data is never lost in the event of a disaster by backing our servers up every night and by going
above – and beyond – established protocols to keep data safe.

To learn more about our QuickBooks hosting services, our other application hosting services or anything else we do,
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