AaaTeX’s newest Cloud Ready import tool, makes importing xls, csv and tab delimited text a breeze! Works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise!

NEW FEATURES in TransImporter2012!

FTP interface to download files to your workstation for manual or automatic import.

Auto Deposit can automatically make Deposits from Customer Receive Payments file

Make Deposits automatically – when Receiving Customer Payments!


Quickly and easily import Excel files into QuickBooks
Works with all desktop versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

Replaces the TransImporter2011© and TransImporter©

Key Features that make TransImporter2012 Fast and Easy to use

  • Excel file formats .xls, .csv, tab delimited text or any Excel supported file
  • Generate Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts and more
  • Use in admin or single user mode
  • Excel formulas, table lookups, etc. are intact
  • Eliminate IIF files or conversions to IIF files
  • Check Quantity on Hand and Reject entire order or individual line item
  • Use customer account number as a lookup instead of using name
  • Group and Assembly Expand to components
  • Select Template or Class
  • Flexible definitions of columns
  • Select Default Customer if name or account number are not defined in QuickBooks.
  • FTP Download of file (manual or automatic)
  • Auto Deposit of Customer Payments
  • Folder Monitoring
  • Includes Startup samples of common transactions